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Nadine de Klerk Wolters

Nadine got an academic training in painting, drawing and ceramics. Over the last years, Nadine focussed on abstract painting and developed a very personal touch.

Her work is primarily characterised by the prominent use of colour. Pure yellow, soft pink and sky blue are typical for Nadine’s palette. Colour fields are combined and overlapped in sparkling compositions. Her artwork is enriched with graphical accents of paint, felt tip pen and/or coloured pencil. Occasionally she applies cloth and paper to her canvas, increasing the texture of her paintings.

Nadine works with acryl paint – the quick drying of this type of paint perfectly fits her layering technique. She works both on canvas and on paper. Her painting is very intuitive: no photos, no initial sketches, her imagination is directly coupled to her brush or any other material that will appear on her artwork. Her excellent academic training combined with daily painting experience equips her with an outstanding feeling for composition, catalysing a barrier free outburst of fantasy and creativity.

Her particular choice of colours and the appearance of circles, lines, dots creates a fun and optimistic ambiance. Her paintings provide joy, lighten up a room and fill the spectator with happiness.

Nadine’s work was exhibited in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain and is part of many private and public collections.