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Mia Van Hoofstat

Mia has been trained in both drawing, water colour painting, oil painting and graphic arts. Her broad technical basis can be recognised by the diversity of her artworks and the richness of the techniques. She brilliantly introduces graphical accents in her paintings. Mia’s artwork is intense, seemingly nonchalant, with a unique charisma.

Mia is inspired by her environment and the experiences in her daily life. The brick-yards of Noeveren (Boom, Belgium) where she was born, are an important source of inspiration. Her works are not merely photographical pictures of this industrial heritage. She translates the atmosphere of the old brick-yards in greyish and earth colours. This results in artworks that suggest the colour of the clay and the hard work and struggles of the labour on a brick-yard.

Also other landscapes are pictured in Mia’s paintings. A few of the artworks in the Novelarte collection show the Normandy coastline. The waves breaking on the beach, at different moments during the day, with different light conditions, are captured in radiating paintings.

Also still lives with a few simple objects are the subject of layered paintings with a poetic charm. Sometimes, the source of inspiration can be recognised from the artwork. Often the images are reduced however to its essence, generating abstract or semi-abstract work. Atmosphere and depth are core to this charming collection.

Mia’s art has been part of several exhibitions and has been recognised in multiple art contests.